Lavender Soy Wax handpoured candle with woodwick
Lavender Soy Wax handpoured candle with woodwick
A 100% natural soy wax candle which has been handpoured into a 30ml glass and decorated with a piece of the famous liberty tana lawn fabrics. (Candle will burn for 40+ hours.) The scent I have chosen to match this fabric is lavender, a relaxing and floral fragrance suitable for any room in the house. The wood wick creates a gentle crackling sound similar to that of a log fire. A beautiful gift idea ready packaged to give. A heart shaped tag has been attached with waxd linen cord to write your own special messsage or just leave as an additional decoration.
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Grass Green vitreous enamel stud earrings
Grass Green vitreous enamel stud earrings
Grass Green enamel ear studs hand sawn from sheet copper in a green shoot, unusual shape, inspired by a little seedling plant. The copper vitreous enamel ear studs have a sterling silver ear post soldered onto the back. The glass enamel powder is kiln fired and fused onto the copper metal to create a striking glass like coloured surface appearance. All of my jewellery is designed and made by myself so please feel free to request different colours or sizes. Matching items can also be made to commission.
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Shoal Fish Tag Necklace Copper enamel and sterling silver
Shoal Fish Tag Necklace Copper enamel and sterling silver
A Shoal Fish Tag Necklace made from two copper enamel fish that have been handsawn and shaped to create movement before being coloured with vitreous kiln fired enamel in sea blues and greens. A little sterling silver handstamped fish has been added to the shoal to create a cluster for this fish tag necklace. All the fish have been strung on an 18" sterling silver snake chain. A great gift for seaside lovers or sailors.
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Copper enamel organic drop earrings, blue speckled enamel drop earrings, statement copper enamel jewellery #0107
Blue speckled copper enamel drop earrings
Speckled Copper enamel organic drop earrings. These earrings have a speckled pattern detailing the light and darker blue enamelling on the copper shape. The vitreous enamel powder has been fused onto the metal in layers in a kiln to create the pattern. The ear wires are hand forged from sterling silver wire. The length of the earrings is around 6cm.
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