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Copper enamel ear studs, square blue patterned enamel ear studs


Copper enamel ear studs with a blue and indigo decorative abstract floral patterning.

The curvy square shape is about 16mm and a sterling silver ear post with scroll have been soldered onto the back.
The coloured enamel powder is sifted onto the metal before being fused at high temperature in a kiln. The additional patterning is then added and sealed on top.

Due to the nature of this process each item is truly unique and individual.

All of my cherry pie jewellery is gift wrapped for you in a cotton linen hand stamped gift pouch.

All orders include Free UK Postage and Packing.


Copper enamel ear studs, squareblue patterned enamel ear studs, floral indigo decoration, copper earrings, copper enamel earstuds


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