Yoo hoo I am over Here!!

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BellyBoy Cards Welcome to my nearly new website and Blog

Just think about it as meeting an old friend who has just bought a new coat – she looks better on the outside but is just the same loyal, funny, and unpredictable girl you have always known.My Cherry Pie has been around for a little while and been gathering momentum as she goes, so I decided she needed a more ‘interactive space’ to grow and develop and meet lots of new people and design lots of new lovely things, and share lots of other peoples lovely things , and generally be a bit more sociable and approachable.
I will be developing my online shop so that you can get a chance to see and buy the type of jewellery that makes me Happy! and creates a lovely gift to make others Happy too!
I am forever changing and learning and am looking forward to developing my blog and website in a creative and organic way much in the same way as I design. I would love to encourage people to comment and contribute because that is how creativity grows and blossoms.
With that in mind I am going to be having a SHOWCASE page where I will be flagging up designer/makers whom I really admire from all areas of craft and design as so often genuine  quality craftspeople are not being given nearly the praise and admiration they deserve. Please come with me as I explore and develop my own little creative offshoot of this online World, it could be a bit bumpy and erratic but that’s what makes it exciting!