Location, Location, Location!

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Just thought I would share these amazing photo’s taken in Orkney, Scotland by Simone Kirk of Orkney Star Island Soap Co. It just got me thinking about how many creative people are inspired by their surroundings and environment. All creative people need a creative space in which to flourish. What is important in your space ? I am also lucky enough to live in a beautiful place minutes from a Scottish beach. I would like to hear from others who feel their location and surroundings benefit their work. So if you are living and working somewhere outstanding then please share.

In the meantime lets begin with the lady who looks out her back door and see’s these beautiful rainbows of a morning!

Simone has lived on Orkney for 19 years and is a self taught Spinner and Textile Artist which she combines with her love of Soap making. Simone launched her Soap business in 2011 and is always adding new products and designs to her collection.

“I love making things with my hands, & I know exactly what goes into the products. I’m fascinated by the alchemy of soap-making, perfumes and textiles – starting with base ingredients and ending up with either yarn, cloth or soap. Very inspired by my natural surroundings – wind & tide – reflected in what I produce. Working & living in Orkney is just one of the best things for me. Pace of life is slow, peaceful and there is time for people. New products. Textiles – I don’t plan, just go where the fleeces take me! Soaps, got some Christmassy ones curing which will be ready beginning of November (see website at the time). New soaps, some favourites, goats’ milk and new castille olive oil soaps planned for the summer range.”

For further information on Simone’s work please visit Web:http://www.facebook.com/l/aAQFFSUW4AQE5z6rPACQkZJso3O0W24JVT3jeqdlGSgVshg/www.orkneystarislandsoap.co.uk / Tel: 01857 616281 / Email: info@orkneystarislandsoap.co.uk / FB: Orkney Star Island Soap & Textiles / Twitter: OrkStarIsleSoap / Pinterest: Orkney Star Island Soap.