Jewellery Collections Autumn/Winter 2013/2014

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A bright and fun collection of jewellery using a range of decorative paper, old postage stamps and sheet music.
I have translated the patterns by using an image transfer film which is fused onto sterling silver to permanently adhere the design.
The papers have also been used directly into settings which have then been sealed in resin.
An everyday mid priced collection for the Gift Buyer.
Pattern & Ephemera

rhinestone wrap bracelet
A bit of spangle to light up the ballroom floor. The romance and beauty of the 1930’s with marcasite style and art deco influences.
Hollywood Glamour Puss, Film Stars, Chiffon and Waltzes, rhinestones and Rubies, Antique silver and gold.
A little bit of Luxury.
For this collection I have used an epoxy clay to embed a variety of gemstone crystals into Antique Silver and Gold settings. Each crystal is set individually to create a pattern.

Enamel handmade copper link necklace
This collection explores the use of the enamelling process for colouring and patterning metals.
I hav used both kiln fired and torch fired techniques for fusing the fine glass powder enamel onto the metal.
I enjoy the transformative results by using different colours together and stamping pattern before and after firing.
I find the process very creative as each colour is affected by length of firing time, thickness of powder and base metal so often results can be quite unexpected.
For this collection I have used both copper and sterling silver as a base.
Molten Colour

Turquoise ring elemental
Mountains, Oceans, Beaches, Glaciers, Lunar Landscapes, Volcanic Eruptions and Mother Earth have all been starting points for this collection.
I have used a range of semi precious gemstones in rustic shapes and various sizes.
Natural metals such as gold,silver, copper and bronze have been used to create a collection with a sense of belonging and beauty in its purest form.
Highlighting the texture of a natural stone or the sheen of hammered copper I have combined colour and texture from nature to create a collection of jewellery with an intrinsic elegance.

Etched Earring Far East
I have taken Inspiration for this collection from Mystical Far Off Lands such as India, China, Japan, and Sri Lanka which are rich in intrigue, history and tradition.
I have taken influences from The Spice Trade, Buddhist Traditions, Origami and Wabi-Sabi.
I have incorporated traditional japanese wash papers with floral and geometric patterning. Shapes and styles of Indian culture such as Bindi’s and intricate filigree decoration.
My designs evoke a sense of elegance and opulence.
Far East

butterfly resin pendant
I believe this collection has a particular vintage feel to it as I have used imagery reminiscent of old scraps and photographs.
It is a light hearted and nostalgic collection with swallows, butterflies, bees, insects, and various flowers throughout the theme.
Pieces range from large chunky rings to more intricate necklaces using beads and charms to create a more whimsical appeal.
Antique silver, copper, gold plated and bronze components have been used in this collection.
Birds & Bees