My Mother’s Day Mayhem – Solved.

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What does Mother’s Day mean to you?

How do you Celebrate it?


From a personal point of view I love Mother’s Day.

I can celebrate having 3 healthy, happy, boisterous, energetic, hilarious, and infuriating boys that don’t have an ‘Off Switch’.

I love everything about being a Mother from first scan to first day at school and beyond.

It is one of the most difficult and under appreciated jobs with the least training, supervision, and sick pay available

but the best bonuses and job satisfaction possible.

Sometimes we are all to busy with getting on with it that we forget what a miracle opportunity being a Mum really is

and I think Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse to give ourselves a pat on the back and say ” I think we are doing alright “.

Throughout the world there are Mother’s who are struggling in challenging and heartbreaking conditions to bring up their babies and children.

I have been very fortunate with the care and support I have received as Mother and have nothing but praise for the Midwifes and Healthcare Nurses who are

stretched more and more by government cut backs and legislation in the UK. Childbirth is a miracle and should never be taken for granted.

So this blog post is a gift from a Mum to a Mum.

I know we are all delighted with the wilted daffodils, little funny drawings, and cold tea and toast for breakfast as they are served with a heap of Love,

but if you really wanted to treat yourself because you deserve it –  I have chosen a Wish list of gifts just for you ( and me !)

Did you hear the thud of that subtle hint hitting the floor ?


Mship Badge

As many of you a already know I advertise in a brilliant magazine called Made in Scotland Magazine, which is also run by a dedicated Mummy!

SO I am going to chose my wish list from some of the other advertisers within this magazine.


fraser knitwear scarf

I would choose this scarf just so I can look a bit more trendy when I am standing at the scholl gates in the freezing cold.

Plus my middle name and family name is Fraser so it is meant for me !

gogi candle

Sometimes the smell of sweaty socks, dirty nappies, boys in general just needs to be forgotten, and replaced with refreshing , feminine ‘ aromas’

like Vanilla and Gogi Berry. I love how Gogi sounds so like gorgeous, and that,s what we all are after all ?


Stuff, stuff, and even more stuff. That’s what Mummies bags are filled with.

This is a beautiful printed bag with a long shoulder strap that you can carry and still have two free hands to chase after your little wonders!

hannahjscottScreen Shot 2014-03-13 at 12.34.28

Now this is just a little bit of pure self indulgence. I love these blankets and I know exactly the place I would hang them in my house

so I could just look at them and be calm and absorbed in them – when I am counting to ten!


This blanket represents so many aspects of family life for me.

It is always a bit random and dotty for a start,  remember there are always two sides to a story, if one side gets messed up ( this is a cetainty when we are having a picnic!) you can just turn it over and it still looks great. Picnics and days out are my favourite thing of all and taking a special blanket adds to  the memories.

As a family we have just inherited a Tent and all the equipment to go with it so we will be embarking on lots of adventures this year

and cosy blankets are just what is needed. I think with this extremely fabulous Scottish blanket

I would reserve it for our  ” Coories on the Couch ” when everyone can fit under the same blanket and there are no squabbles.

Bliss !!



I chose this because my husband only likes Dark chocolate, and my children don’t like cinnamon, so I know this will still be where I left it!

And Chocolate is sometimes the only solution!


Complete luxury escapism, I can just look at the pictures and I am transported to a house with no clutter, clean walls, and silence.

Let the World stop turning for a little while when you don’t have to be checking the family wall planner and clock watching all the time.

Time to stop , breath, and be Thankful for the Gift of your own Family .

I love the beauty and ruggedness of the Scottish Landscape and History which is famous throughout the World.

pairofblueeyes coasters


This quirky little set of coasters was chosen because as a Mum there is nothing better than solving all your problems and concerns

with a good group of friends, a good cup of tea, and a good blether !!

Wishing you all a brilliant and memorable Mothers day Full of Love, in whatever shape or form it may arrive!

Gail x


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