Focus and Focus some more ..

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Stay focusedWinston Churchill


As you can guess my thoughts for this week are on staying focused , and I mean in more ways than one.

At the beginning of the week I spent four frustrating hours trying to make press ready, exceptionally gorgeous images off my work and managed just a handful. I have a DSLR camera, a pop up light tent, and a tripod but this week they all just about ended up in the bucket! Good quality, crisp photography is an art in itself. Unfortunately it is turning into a bit of a bug bear of mine and I grudge the time I have to spend on it when I really want to be working on new designs. Not sure if I am being too hard on myself as the photos are ‘okay’ but for the time and effort I put in they should be better ( I think). Also trying to get complete white out shots that don’t look washed out is also a challenge.
yellow post earringsHand stamped droplet silver necklacefeather earrings

So my big FOCUS decision is to do a bit of research/costings to see if I can offload some of this photo and editing work out somewhere else which will allow me to FOCUS more on making new designs. Any help/thoughts/recommendations on this would be great.


The fact is I am a one man band called Octopus, I love to get involved and learn new things, and am perhaps a bit controlling as it is MY business. ( Wow did I really admit that?).

So Ladies and Gentlemen I am going to learn how to ( drum roll)  DELIGATE and ‘ Find the Love’ in my business again.

FOCUS started this week with the actual photography but I have also been thinking about the type of design work I am doing as well as the practicalities of building and maintaining my own website, packing and shipping orders, replenishing stock, designing new stock, compiling press releases ………


For too long I have been chasing my tail and like The Tortoise and the Hare, I have not been winning the race.

So as good old Winston says I will try to keep FOCUS and not get too distracted.

My running training is going well I am now on week 3 of my couch to 5k and I ran for 3 minutes constantly. Always FOCUS on the road ahead!

Thank you again for reading my blog and just want to finish with a massive HAPPY BIRTHDAY to The #ForthRoadBridge 50 years this week. I always know I am near home when I hear the faint thud, thud when you drive over the bridge.

forth road bridge  Take Care Gail x