Onward and Upward to Christmas Gifts 2014 Here We Go

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christmas gift ideas for her

Hello and Happy Friday,

I have been busy staying focused and getting organised.

This may be second nature to most but not to me – a spontaneous, indecisive flibberdyjibbet!

To be honest I have found it really refreshing and a lot less stressful. My thought process this last couple of week has been to

‘DEPARTMENTALISE MY LIFE’ . Or should that be compartmentalise?


Does this mean I am turning into a sad and predictable middle aged fogey? Please say NO.

If you work from home like me, with little numbskulls running around you and ‘getting involved’ you can’t be and do everything at once.

This is a revelation I reached as my oldest son turned 8 years old at the weekend. As you can tell I am a bit slow on the uptake.

I had a house party for 8 boys to organise, a photo shoot for my sexy new winter/christmas collection and various press release/advertising stuff that needed doing.

Following on from my last blog post this is my first experience of #delegation . I sent a whole whack of my jewellery away to get photographed and edited. The process was surprisingly simple and rewarding and most importantly made me feel as if I was using my own time more effectively and constructively. Yay!

photo 1

So I now write things down, set goals, allocate time to different tasks, and the result is that I feel a bigger sense of achievement.

#mindfulness is a word that keeps cropping up for me at the moment. I will be looking more into it and report my findings to you at a later date.

Design wise I have focused my colour pallet to indigo, deep red, ivory white. My materials are #copper, #copper enamel and #sterling silver. My influence is pattern in any shape or form.

photo 3

I have been swatting up on different ways to make work more #timeefficient and productive and have been watching some excellent video tutorials by a fantastic couple Kim and Tim Layton of #www.everythingetsy.com

photo 2

Welcome to this lovely lady, who we shall call Sally Sprinkle as she is going to help me scatter a little Christmas charm and gift giving magic to my website www.mycherrypie.co.uk  I know it is only just October but if you are anything like my sister-in-law you will already be halfway down your Christmas list. I will also be working on some new Gift Vouchers and Gift Cards so keep re-visiting my site for new additions.

My final revelation of the week and a little something I would like to share.


I was told by my Doctor to reduce my caffeine intake and increase my vitamin C consumption. So I changed to Decaf teabags and coffee. Never again! In my life I need my caffeine fix and I don’t mind admitting it. DECAFF IS WRONG – it gives you headaches and bad breath, and its just not worth it.

A little of what you fancy does you good I reckon – so bring on the caffeine. Its not too much to ask?





Have a great weekend

Gail x