Find Your Happy

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Its such a good job all us humans are different. What suits one person doesn’t suit another. Our likes, dislikes, thoughts, ambitions and motivations are all unique to ourselves, and no one else.


This week I would like to share two examples of what has made me think about this in particular.


Firstly we went on a family trip to The Links Market, in Kirkcaldy. This is a funfair which is known as the longest street fair in Europe. There were all the usual fairground favourites, hook the duck, big wheel, waltzers etc. This has been a local tradition I used to go to when I was young and I am now sharing with my young family. Just to explain it has been a couple of years since I have been, but I thought I would like my children to see it as it used to be the highlight of my younger years. There were a couple of rides that have obviously stepped up a gear in the scary department! (see pic) My 9 year was very puzzled – Why would people pay to do that ? OMG that is just stupid! What if a bit breaks off? – not sure if this is more of an issue with my over anxious children! But it got me thinking. They must do it cause they like it and it makes them happy.


imagesOn another extreme, I am riveted to masterchef at the moment, tense drama in a kitchen. I love it but cannot believe the work and detail that goes into a plate of food that after all, if good is demolished in seconds! Our kitchen is like feeding time at the Zoo, the quicker you can get it cooked and eaten the better. The contestants are obviously dedicated and focused on their work, and do it because it makes them happy.


As word has spread about my new studio move I have thought, so many people aspire to work from home and get away from office politics, commute, and here I am doing the opposite. It doesn’t work for everyone. I have found it to be really motivating having somewhere else to work, sharing a studio to bounce ideas around with others, organising my time and space. Creating a phsycological distance between home life and work life to the benefit of both.


I have escaped. Well for two days a week at least, and I am loving it at Inverstudios.

This week I have been preparing for a new exhibition called The Artline, which opens at Kinghorn Station Gallery and runs until 18th June. This is a sneak preview of some of my trinket dishes that I will be exhibiting there. If you are in the area please pop in.PV invite - The Artline ExhibitionIMG_1880


I love the quote ” Be yourself because everyone else is taken” Sometimes that is easier said than done, we can be so easily influenced by others ideas and way of life and think that is how we should be. If we try to become something we are not, or try to mould our life to someone else’s plan then ultimately we will be unhappy.


This week I wish you all the strength and courage to Find Your Own Happy.


Gail xx