Summer Lovin’

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Summer is by far my favourite time of the year, maybe because it is when my birthday is or maybe its the bright colours and long days that lifts everyones spirit. Living on the east coast of Scotland we do not get a great deal of sunshine compared to say California, but when it does come I couldn’t be anywhere better than sunny Kinghorn.

It has been school holidays here for the last 6 weeks or so and to be honest it has had its peaks and troughs! As I am back working from my home studio now it is more difficult not to be distracted, or feel guilty about spending time with my 3 boys. We are soo lucky to live by the sea and sometimes forget that we don’t need to be going and doing things all the time to enjoy ourselves. Today we chucked some buckets and spades in a bag and headed down to the beach – easy peasy, and stress free. I even managed to read a chapter of my new book.
Another thing I love about summer is reaping the rewards from my garden, today I cut down some of my sunflowers which are now bigger than I am, and for tea we shelled some peas from the veg plot.
The Sun may not shine here everyday but when it does we make the most of it.
What is your favourite season and why? I hope the sun is shining a lot where you are,

Gail x