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Hi again,

Thought I would share with you some new ideas I have been working on which has actually made me think back to some old ideas!
Some of you may have guessed from my work anyway but a while back (20+ yrs) I completed a degree in Textiles with a speciality in woven textile design.
I have recently become aware again how that has influenced my jewellery design and artwork.
Colour, texture, and pattern are what I love to work with so recently I have been doing some larger scale wall art pieces combining textured metals, linen threads, encaustic waxes, and crayons.
I have been surprised by how much I have enjoyed revisiting old techniques and ideas. Once learned never forgotten, Enjoy your week.

Gail x


Working with colour I like to compliment, contrast, highlight aspects of colour in my work. The composition and strength of colour can really draw the eye to a piece.
At college I remember working with pantone colours, shading colours, hue and intensity of colour.

Pantone Colour 2017 – Greenery

Large Copper enamel bowl


Texture and surface detail have always been of great interest to me, way back to college sketchbook days when we were taught to take rubbings of anything from tree trunks to drain covers!
Working with metals it is great fun to explore different textures with etching, forging, and patina’s. Of course when you combine different textures such as a rusty piece of metal with a smooth silk or linen thread, it can bring it all to life.



Pattern creates a structure and a form to work with. I enjoy using pattern as a background effect or a focal point. Textiles is full of patterns that I am always excited by. 1950’s stylized geometric patterns, polka dots, floral indian paisley patterns, woven structures such as herringbone or houndstooth check. I am always introducing aspects of pattern to my work.
I can introduce pattern and mark making into my enamelling by stencilling or sgrafitto (where a design can be scratched through layers of enamel) or printing or stamping pattern and image between firings.

copper enamel trinket dish
copper enamel trinket dishes
encaustic wall art