Thank you for visiting, and Welcome to my website – My Cherry Pie Jewellery.

I am Gail Cadogan and I am the puppet master behind all the goings on at My Cherry Pie Jewellery. Lets have a quick zip through how I have got to where I am with My Cherry Pie Jewellery. A bit of a ‘This is your life ‘moment if you like. Making and crafting was intrinsic in my childhood my Gran was a constant knitter, and my Mum made all our clothes when we were small. It was the 1970’s so visualise purple cord dungarees with orange floral patches on the knees!

I left school and did a year long Art Foundation course covering everything from photography, painting, screen printing, ceramics, surface pattern, I was an indecisive creative, but eventually I opted for Textile Design and after 4 years achieved a 2:1 BA(Hons) in Woven Textile Design.

During one of my summer breaks I worked in a local jewellery factory that specialized in titanium and silver jewellery, I enjoyed the transformational aspect of making something beautiful out of a little piece of metal.

Fly by teaching on a design course for a couple of years, opening a yarn store in Edinburgh, doing a post grad in Art Therapy, working with adult and children with mental health needs. Move on to walking into the wrong pub and meeting the right man, getting married, moving to the Sea, having three boys all within 6 years. Stop and Breath ………

As you can tell I like to be busy and try new things.

I am inspired by Artists from Mark Rothko to Sonia Delauney, and a big Fan of Contemporary Dance, Singer/Songwriters, and a host of Artisan Designer/Makers of which there are many.

My Cherry Pie is an honest and compassionate company. There are no flashlights or manipulative nonsense. In todays climate customers want a transparent and reliable product and service that is of exceptional quality at a Fair Price.

The integrity of my business is paramount to me, and I try to ensure that every area from design, quality of materials, packaging, after sales support is as good as I can possibly make it. I want my customers expectations to be surpassed on every level.

Cherish the Small things

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