Pendant Enamel Graffiti
Chevron enamel layered pendant with embossed silver layer.
Delicate sgraffito enamel chevron layered pendant with embossed silver.
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Pendantvnamel Copper
Silver and layered enamel pendant necklace
Kiln fired copper enamel pendant necklace with embossed silver layered tag. Handmade individual piece delivered gift ready in a copper foiled gift box.
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Seedling copper enamel pendant necklace with rose gold
Copper enamel seedling pendant necklace in green on a rose gold chain with magnetic clasp.
A fresh spring green copper enamel necklace in a seedling or V shape. A subtle pattern of green has been layered on top with a slightly different shade. This pendant will look really great with a denim shirt or crisp white t-shirt.
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Statemnt Bib Copper enamel necklace
Copper enamel Statement Bib necklace with geometric patterning
A statement Bib necklace in blues and silvers with a geometric squiggle pattern. An eye catching piece that would be great worn casually with a denim dress or shirt or to enhance a LBT or a crisp white or pale blue cocktail dress for a more formal occassion. The sterling silver snake chain is 18"long.
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patchwork copper enamel necklace
Patchwork Necklace in Copper enamel
Patchwork Necklace A tag necklace style with different colours and pattern of vitreous enamel on copper. The mix of blues and greys along with the contemporary patterning makes this patchwork necklace a beautiful and memorable gift.
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Festoon Necklace with patterned copper enamel segments
Festoon Necklace Copper enamel statement necklace
Festoon Necklace. A true stament necklace with segments of coloured and patterned copper enamel. Geometric pattterning creates a contemporary feel to this piece. The five segements have been strung on an 18" sterling silver snake chain. This piece will be delivered in a decorated gift box ready to give or receive with love.  
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