enamel round drop earrings
Round Enamel Drop Earrings with Red
These little round enamel drop earrings have a really unusual and contemporary feel. A bright and modern design. A small copper disc (12mm) has been decorated by kiln firing layers of glass enamel powder which are then fused together to create pattern. Due to the nature of the enamelling process each design is entirely unique and individual. I have then made an ear wire from sterling silver which has been attached through a hole in the copper disc. These round enamel drop earrings have an elegant drop of around 2.5cm The earrings will be delivered to you carefully packaged in a hand stamped cotton linen gift back ready to give.  
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handmade enamel red dotty copper earrings
Dotty Red and White Ear studs enamelled on Copper
Cute little Dotty Red and White Ear studs in a curved square shape. These everyday cheery little earrings are made by using enamel powder which has been fused onto copper in a kiln. The detail for these spotty dotty ear studs has then been painted on using finer enamel powder before being re-fired in the kiln. The colours used are a bright China red base with an ivory white spot. I have soldered a sterling silver ear post on the back of the copper shape. These bohemian little ear studs are around 1cm in size. I make all my jewellery by hand in my studio on the East coast of Scotland. If you have any commissions or requests I am happy to accept them These earrings are so adorable and would make a great birthday or christmas gift as they arrive gift ready in a little hand stamped gift pouch.
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